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History of Diamonds: Ground-Breaking Book by Renowned Diamantaire Exposes How Canada Changed the 'Secretive' Diamond Industry.

Showcasing how the country’s diamond firms are working diligently to ‘tag’ items with microscopic markings to regulate the distribution of ethically mined diamonds, ‘History of Diamonds’ is poised to resonate with anyone, desiring a fresh perspective of the diamond industry.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- While Canada may not instantly spring to mind when thinking of precious gemstones, the uncovering of Canadian diamonds could be the nation’s biggest discovery for a century. With its diamonds in demand all over the world, the nation also made its mark by shaking up the highly monopolized international diamond trade.

In a fascinating new book, George Mimar of MDL exposes the ‘clean’ reputation of Canadian diamonds and how their discovery impacted the secretive international diamond industry.


Diamond trade industry remains a very confidential world. No one knows exactly how diamonds get from one place to another. This book explains in great detail how Canadian diamonds changed the secretive diamond industry.

The emergence of Canada’s diamond industry shook up the highly monopolized international diamond trade. More importantly, Canada’s diamond production forced one of the most avoided gripping issues that have affected all modern societies into the spotlight, rights of workers and healthy environmental practices. Eskimo Arctic Diamonds were one of the oldest most recognized Canadian diamond brands. Ethically mined and 100% pure and clean. The discovery of diamonds in Canada is a major turning point in the diamond industry.

It is the first country with a sound democratic system that has diamonds. It is a sovereign country that puts supreme importance on the rights of its citizens and the value of its natural resources.

As the author explains, the international community failed to deal with conflict diamonds, making Canada’s industry the most robust and honest in the world.

“On July 19 2000, the world Diamond Congress adopted a resolution to strengthen the diamond industry’s ability to block the sales of conflict diamonds. The resolution was called the Kimberley Process (KPS). Since its inception the KPS Process has been confronted by many challenges. Unfortunately, it has failed to deal quickly or effectively with most of them,” says Mimar, who has been active in the diamond industry for over two decades.

Continuing, “My book explains how the Canadian diamond firms are ‘tagging’ diamonds with microscopic markings in order to regulate the distribution of ‘ethically mined’ diamonds. It reveals, in great detail, the secret world of diamonds - one that use to be dominated and controlled by one powerful location.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews. For example, one reader commented, “This book is very insightful. It gives a great description of how diamonds are tracked from mine to polish. It also explains how the discovery of diamonds in Canada changed the diamond trade. The author makes specific recommendations on how to make the diamond industry more transparent and less secretive. I would highly recommend this book!!!”

‘History of Diamonds’ is available now: http://amzn.to/14jrGVQ

About George Mimar
George Mimar is a second generation diamantaire. He has been active in the diamond industry for over 20 years. His Company MDL, was one of the first diamond corporations in the world, to brand and sell Canadian Diamonds from Canada’s North West Territories. His educational background in Bachelor of Commerce from University of Toronto has given him a great understanding of managing and operating a diversified diamond business. His articles on conflict diamonds have been mentioned in Newspapers across North America.