HitGuns.com Launches Latest Addition to Their Large Range of Airsoft Guns


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Airsoft guns are model guns that fire small rubber pellets. They are a much safer alternative to BB guns. In most cases if someone gets accidentally hit with an airsoft pellet they will avoid serious injury. That makes them fantastic for target practice and shooting for fun. Some of the more powerful models can shoot targets that are a significant distance away.

One airsoft gun related website that is getting a lot of attention recently is HitGuns.com. They have long enjoyed a reputation as one of the best online airsoft gun retailers, and have come into renewed prominence with the launch of a new airsoft weapon.

The KWA KRISS Vector SMG NS2 Gas Blow Back Airsoft gun is an airsoft replica of the KRISS Vector Sub Machine Gun, one of the most innovative weapons designs of the last decade. The airsoft version provides a highly realistic experience, with weapon operation mirroring the real thing. The gun can even fire a fully automatic burst, two round burst, or in semi automatic mode, depending on the choice of the operator. It comes with a red dot laser sight for high accuracy.

A spokesperson for the website said: “The KRISS Vector sub machine gun is one of the most incredible weapons launched in recent times, with a huge amount of incredible technology built into the gun. KWA, the manufacturers of the airsoft version, has worked extremely closely with KRISS arms to make sure that all the weapon mechanics of the original gun have been transferred over accurately. As the original weapon cannot be sold to the public, this airsoft version is the closest most people can get to handling a real KRISS Vector. However it doesn’t deliver a diminished experience. It is incredibly powerful, and was originally developed for training. The bolt catch and charging handle operation is exactly the same as the real weapon. In fact the only fundamental difference is that this gun fires airsoft pellets rather than real bullets. If you are wondering “Where can I buy an airsoft gun?”, especially if you are looking for one this powerful, HitGuns.com is the right place.”

About HitGuns.com
Hitguns.com is committed to offering the best prices and service on quality airsoft products and accessories. They are able to offer very competitive prices because they order directly from overseas manufacturers. This cuts out the middleman and allows them to pass the savings directly on to their customers.

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