HIV Cured in Ukraine Three Month Results Indicate Promise with Addition of Enercel


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- The aim of the study was to evaluate Enercel®’s efficacy treating patients with co-infections of tuberculosis and HIV at Regional Antituberculosis Hospital in Chernigov, Ukraine. Specifically, to evaluate improved immune system function (by measuring T-helper or CD4 cells); lessen or eliminate the amount of HIV virus in the bloodstream (HIV viral load); and to verify the elimination of tuberculosis in the lungs (sputum AFB smears and cultures).

All patients treated with Enercel® became free of tuberculosis in 60 days and all had increases in the CD4 cells and a significant reduction in the viral load of HIV.

However, the most incredible finding was discovered in one of the control groups. This group was being treated with Enercel® and Anti-Retroviral drugs for HIV. In this group not only were all the patients cured of tuberculosis but the immune system’s T-helper cells (CD4) had a significant increase and the HIV viral particles fell below 40 copies/ml, essentially zero.

One of the patients in this group started out with a viral load of 5.2million and after 3 months it fell to essentially zero. These finding were not repeated in the group being treated with only anti-retroviral medications, without the Enercel®. Although the viral loads were significantly reduced, there was not the increase in the CD4 cells as there was in the group with Enercel®. In fact one of the patients in this group developed a fever and died within the first 2 ½ months of the study.

Analysis of control patients suggest that anti-retroviral medications are effective in reducing viral load in patients with very low CD4 counts, but they remain at risk for opportunistic infections and/or have a delayed or absent rise in CD4 count. However, when given in combination with Enercel® the CD4 counts go up.

The data strongly suggests that patients with HIV can be cured with a combination of Enercel® and ARV’s, and clearly calls (morally insists, demands, screams) for further investigations..

It should be noted here that 6 patients were evaluated and not enrolled into the study because of various exclusion criteria (including continuing alcohol and/or drug abuse) and all 6 have died during the initial 3 months of the study.

The full three month report can be found at

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