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HJ Has Just Launched 2 New Weight Loss Videos About Burning over 1000 Calories Each Day Through a Daily Cross Fit Workout and Its After Burn Effect


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- HJ has just launched 2 new weight loss videos about burning over 1000 calories through a daily cross fit workout and it’s after burn effect. The cross fit workout she designed burns about 700 calories even though it takes about 20 minutes to do it, and the after burn effect of this workout is close to 300 calories.

HJ considers that if her workout is done the right way, without any breaks, it’s after burn effect should be 300 calories in the first day, 150 calories in the 2nd day, and 100 calories in the third day.

Her first video is about a workout that really helps women lose weight quickly. The workout consists of 5 cycles of: 5 birdies, 5 pushups, 20 squats, 20 lunges, 40 crunches and 50 jumping-jacks. It should take about 20 minutes to do it, and after a few weeks of doing it daily, it can take less than 15 minutes to finish it. Because the person who wants to lose weight fast  must do the cycle 5 times, the workout is really difficult, and because it has lots of repeats it is simply fantastic for women, because it burns fat from all over the body and at the same time, it tomes the muscles.

Her second video is more technical because it only talks about losing weight fast through the effect of the workouts in the recovery stage , and in HJ ‘s opinion, this is fact overlooked about most of the trainers who teach weight loss systems.

In her opinion, a woman who does this workout every day for 30 days, not only that she will lose a lot of weight fast, but her tests done with over 15 women from around the world, show that a woman can lose up to 30 pouds of fat in a month this way.

With all these great info to back her videos up, she uploaded her 2 videos on youtube and her fans really loved them. Soon they have become really popular, and were shares on Facebook and even Pinterest.

For all the women who want a workout thet will help them reduce their weight quickly, and at the same time to understand more about the after burn effect for fat loss, they can watch HJ’s new videos in these urls: and

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