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HJ Has Just Launched a New Video About the Acne Scar Lotion That Must Be Applied After the Use of the Dermaroller


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- HJ has just launched a new video about the acne scar lotion that must be applied after the use of the dermaroller

She has studied this topic about what are the best acne scar creams to use for over 3 weeks, and she finally decided that most of the creams out there have so many chemicals inside them, that it is better for women to make their own homemade acne scar removal lotion and to put it on their face after they use a dermaroller.

She went to the supermarket and bought herself coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, vitamin C, A and E serums and made her own acne scar removal lotion. She knew that all the ingredients were hand picked by her and there was nothing in there that could harm her face.

Then, she emailed the company that sold her the dermaroller and asked them to give a discount for her subscribers. There were more than happy to give a huge discount for all their dermarollers and also provide a bonus code with which the women who want to buy their own dermaroller can get another $2 off from the already discounted price. This is the discount link Heather got for all her friends and the coupon code was US123.

She was really advicing all her friends to hurry, as the sale and code FOR THE DERMA ROLLER were limited for just a few days and to only the first 70 buyers, as their stock was endin fast.

Then, HJ emailed all her email subscribers and gave them the lotion recipe. Even though most of the women who are subscribed to HJ are not really interested in getting rid of acne scars, as they don’t have acne scars, they made their own lotion because they all wanted to look great and have a young face. Over 50 women have bought the dermaroller from Amazon and they all thanked HJ for the discount. They are stil using it on their face, and most of them said that they see a big difference and see themselves younger in the 3rd day after the 1st use.

For those who want to watch HJ’s video, they can click this link and watch the short acne scar reduction video right on their PC.

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