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HJ Has Just Released a Preview Video for the Launch of Her Dermaroller Treatment Main Video


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- HJ has just released a preview video for the launch of her dermaroller treatment main video . HJ planed to release a new video in which she would explain in detail how to do an acne scar removal treatment with a dermaroller.

In fact, HJ wanted to create a new video about the benefits of using a derma roller, which are not only for removing acne scars, but also for getting rid of eye pouches, pimple scars, dark spots or wrinkles. But because she wanted this video to be supper good for her email subscribers, she decided to postpone it’s launch, but to create another onewhich was shorter and would only preview the informations that were about to bereliesed.

Hj has finally decided to make this new and long video, because of her story with Antonia, a 25 years old woman, who has managed to get rid of dark spots from her face after having used a derma roller for a few weeks.

Antonia, was envolved in a car accident with her family when she 12 years old. During the crash, some toxins were released into the atmosphere, and Antonia had an allergic reaction to them. Her ace was covered with dark spots.

Even though her doctor told her that they would pass after a few weeks, she was 25 years old when she still had lots of dark spots on her face.

Soo, because she was trying to lose weight, she found HJ’s video on losing 40 pounds in 2 months, and when she oped in for HJ’s newsletter, she received an email about the benefits of using the derma roller on the face.

She even received a discount link from Heather, , which she used to get her new derma roller for only $15, and later on she email Heather to let her know that her dermaroller really worked and she almost completely removed her acne scars after just 3 weeks of using it.

Hj was so happy that she made the preview video. For those who want to watch HJ’s video, they can do this in this link

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