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HK Liquidations LLC Holding "Green Electronics Donation Week"

HK Liquidations announces that it will be holding a Green Electronics Donation week


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- The donation week will be approached as such, large churches and synagogues will be contacted and HK Liquidations will help them sponsor a “Green Electronics donation Week”.

Congregants of these churches and synagogues will then bring their “end of life” information management electronics such as servers, computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards, mice, hard drives, docking stations, routers, phones (landline and wireless), headsets, printers, plotters, e-book readers, electronic spare parts, motherboards, memory cards, wire, lithium batteries, household batteries and power supplies.

This will benefit the community, individual donor and churches/ synagogues in a variety of ways.

The individual donor clean up household and garage as well as home office electronic “clutter” and donors will receive a blank donation form so they can claim the donation on their taxes.

For the churches/synagogues it will help provide visibility to the community and build fellowship within the congregation. Additionally congregations can open donations to the community at large.

The surrounding community will reap environmental benefits in that “green” recycling will keep the environment clean and keep these electronics out of landfills.

As a pillar of the community, HK Liquidations LLC will donate one working computer to a chosen charity of each participating organization.

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