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HLH Prototypes Is the Leading Prototyping Company in China


Shajing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2019 -- HLH Prototypes is a renowned company that has been offering its clients, globally unmatched quick engineering of products through CNC injection machining techniques. The company offers injection molded products for various industries including aerospace, automotive and consumer goods, among others. Apart from these services, this firm provides 3D printing services and injection mold manufacturing. Its dedicated team of industrial engineers will ensure that prototyping is engineered with precision. HLH Prototypes is a pacesetter in the prototyping and tooling manufacturing and has attained the coveted ISO certification for their production facilities. The firm is relocating to a new 15000 sqm facility not far from its current location.

"Low volume manufacturing is a specialized service which offers full-quality production parts but in differing volumes depending on the process used. At HLH Prototypes, we make products as per our clients' specifications. Our rapid products and parts are delivered fast. We offer first class prototypes that look like production parts, fully functional parts which act like production parts, flexible project solutions that fit all clients' specific requirements. Our MOQ starts at 1 for prototypes and typically goes up to 100,000 parts, and this is the range we would consider low-volume manufacturing," Says Nissan He, the Sales Manager.

The company offers a variety of post process finishing and machining services. Whether the client needs a one-off prototype, high volume, or medium production runs, HLH Prototypes can help. They involve the client from the start to ensure the client's needs are met.

Speaking about prototype CNC machining, Susie Su, the Sales Executive, said, "Sometimes clients may need prototypes in the "real" production materials or low volumes of parts where production tooling doesn't make sense. We know clients might have a tight deadline to meet or need to quickly market test a new product iteration. At HLH Prototypes, our CNC rapid injection molding manufacturers offer fast, high-quality parts from original materials. Depending on their project requirements, HLH build molds from either aluminium or steel. We utilize standard mold bases and if possible, simplify the tool design to keep costs and lead times to a minimum. Ultimately what we offer is a flexible, tailored solution to realize real injection molded parts in rapid lead times."

HLH Prototypes offers vacuum cast parts. Vacuum casting is a perfect solution for production quality parts without the cost or lead time required for production tooling. HLH Prototypes can cast pieces as large and small, and the process involves the master model. CNC machined via SLA or SLS is poured around the master model and cured. The dry master is cut from the mold to leave the cavity. The resin is then poured into the cavity to create a product like a replica. The advantages of vacuum casting from HLH Prototypes include; it is excellent for low volumes, it has self-coloured parts, it involves small upfront investment, it has production like parts, and a massive range of materials, rubber-like parts and over moulds.

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HLH Prototypes offers a variety of project solutions in prototyping, tooling, and production and delivers superior quality products that are precise to the clients' needs. Products from HLH Prototypes are used widely in various industrial and commercial applications across the globe.

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