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Shajing,China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2019 -- HLH Prototypes offers a wide range of prototyping services and bespoke low volume manufacturing solutions. The company offers quality backed services and is committed to becoming the fastest and most reliable provider in the world. 3D printing, sheet metal, CNC milling and vacuum casting are among the prototyping and production facilities they can offer.

Giving insight on whether the company's activities are accredited, Nissan He, the Sales Manager, stated, "Our Company ensures safety of the environment. Our company has come up with measures to ensure conservation of our environment not only within the organization but around the world. Our company has been awarded a certificate in recognition of the organization's environmental management system which complies with ISO 14001:2015. In addition, our company has been awarded a certificate on information security management system. This is to ascertain that our company has maintained its management system to the right standards which will be monitored by NQA."

HLH Prototypes provides 3D printing service in China. The company has been providing 3D printing solutions for over 10 years. 3D printing is the future of manufacturing and it is opening up a world of 3D prototyping. The benefit of 3D printing to their clients is that, it can be used for low volume production parts, functional models, functional prototypes, quick fit and many more areas. It is important to look for flexibility when searching for prototyping companies. HLH offers aggressive 3D printing prices and delivers parts faster and cheaper than local suppliers in their clients' home country.

Speaking on the consumer products being offered by their company, Susie Su, the Sales Executive said, "Our Company has been building parts and prototypes for the consumer product industry for years. The company partners with the leading names big and small, companies such as Whirlpool and Oculus. Our massive range of customer focused services allows our clients to restate quickly and offer customized solutions to their customers fast. Our company works closely with our industrial clients to ensure that we meet with their unique demands. Through CNC machining, 3D printing and many more services, we have been able to manufacture prototypes for consumer product projects. Our consumer products are applied in trade show models, functional parts and many more areas."

HLH Prototypes offers China Rapid prototyping. The Rapid Prototyping comes in the form of injection molded parts. Rapid plastic molding tools are made from steel or aluminum. The company mostly uses steel to make the rapid plastic moulding tools. This is beneficial as a steel rapid plastic molding tool service delivers more than double the parts than comparable aluminum programs. The rapid injection molding tools being manufactured are of high quality, flexible and are of high speed.

About HLH Prototypes
HLH Prototypes offers Rapid CNC Machining, Rapid Injection Molding services and many more services. The company ensures their products are delivered at a quick pace. The company provides rapid tooling that delivers more parts than their clients are used to. Over 3,000 companies use their high-quality manufacturing solutions to reduce costs and the time in takes to enter the market. The prototypes being offered are similar to production parts.

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