HLH Prototypes

HLH Prototypes Offers CNC Prototyping and Injection Moulding Services at Nominal Prices

HLH Prototypes leads from the front when it comes to offering CNC prototyping and injection moulding services at highly competitive prices.


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2016 -- Based in Shenzhen, China, HLH Prototypes is held in high esteem among clients from domestic and international markets when it comes to offering expert prototyping, reliable product development and unparalleled manufacturing services at prices that remain highly competitive. Established in 2001, the company has so far successfully catered to the varied requirements from clients with made to detail parts in the production material of the client's choice without missing a single detail. It also stands as one of the oldest and largest running contract manufacturing bureaus in China.

With the intent to provide an insight into the products and services on offer, Jason Ke – working as Vice General Manager with HLH Prototypes – stated in a recent interview, "We remain a force to reckon with among many domestic and international companies for offering expert, innovative and high precision prototyping, product development and manufacturing services at nominal prices. Besides this, we enjoy a considerable reputation for helping companies and individuals who have product ideas and need help in development. With our team of highly knowledgeable team of engineers, industry exposure and expertise, we help clients to visualize their products from the concept through development to final stages of production."

Whether clients are looking for CNC Machining, Die-Casting, Rapid Tooling, Injection Molding, Export Tooling, Production Tooling, Vacuum casting, and Laser Cutting and Bending services, HLH Prototype offers value for money services. The list of services that this renowned company offers does not end here as it also offers expert SLA, SLS and 3D FDM printing services under the same roof. The company is known for adhering to the highest standards of quality and industrial best practices to offer prototyping and product development services. Hence, it stands in good stead among clients.

HLH Prototypes also stands tall when it comes to offering custom injection molding services. It is capable of working with most materials and geometries while at the same time providing high quality yet cost effective injection molding for low and high volume production runs. The advanced and efficient injection molding machines at HLH Prototypes can handle large, medium, and small parts with press sizes ranging from 7 tons to 1500 tons. Those who are looking for CNC prototype machining in China or quality rapid injection moulding provider at affordable prices can count on HLH Prototypes.

About HLH Prototypes
HLH Prototypes is a Shenzhen, China based company that has set the standard for others to follow by offering prototyping, product development and manufacturing services to clients at highly competitive prices. Established in 2001, the company stands as one of China's largest and longest serving contract-manufacturing bureaus. The company also delivers exact to the detail parts without missing a single deadline. Consequently, those who are looking for rapid prototyping in China and vacuum cast parts from China can count on HLH Prototypes.