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HNO Green Fuels Now Introduces Leefh2 TM Which Significantly Reduces Particulate Matter Emissions in Diesel Engines


Temecula, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- HNO, on the web at , stands for hydrogen and oxygen, the two building blocks of water. Without these two abundant elements, life on earth would cease to exist. Now, HNO Green Fuels, Inc. introduces the LeefH2 TM system, a method of reducing particulate matter emissions from combustion engines and improving the combustion efficiency of those engines while producing life-supporting oxygen for the planet.

The debate over the rate of climate change continues to rage, but at this point one thing is certain: millions of tons of pollutants and particulate matter are put into the atmosphere daily due to the use of combustion engines.

This particulate matter consists of unburned fuel that is a result of incomplete combustion, something that is inherent in all combustion engines. Particulates enter the atmosphere and cause serious damage in the form of acid rain and can aggravate heart and respiratory illnesses in human beings. Diesel engines are particularly harmful in terms of particulate emissions since they are so widely used in thousands of commercial applications including generators, vehicles, trains and ships.

As seen in this video at , the Leefh2 TM is poised to change the way the world burns fuel in diesel and other combustion engines. The system uses water, H2O, to produce hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen can be used to increase the efficiency of any combustion engine so that harmful emissions are reduced. At the same time, the oxygen produced is released into the atmosphere just as plants give off oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis.

The system known as LeefH2 TMmeans Leveraging Energy Efficient Fuel with Hydrogen. With this system, it may be possible to make particulate emissions a thing of the past, increase the combustion efficiency of all engines and help to clean our planet's air all the while.

Not only cars and trucks but buses, trains, airplanes, ships, helicopters and tractors as well as all other types of combustion engines could become oxygen-producing machines while reducing fossil fuel consumption. The LeefH2 TMhas been shown to reduce particulate emission by 50% and more. Fuel reduction of at least 12% has been shown for diesel engines at idle, the most inefficient period in which a diesel engines runs. There was also shown to be a 19.5% reduction of Nitrogen Oxide, a 24% reduction of carbon monoxide and a 7.5% reduction of oxides of nitrogen.....all during diesel idle.

About LeefH2 TM
This incredible system is set to change the way the world uses combustion engines and fossil fuels. Now, HNO is raising funds to make the LeefH2 TMavailable everywhere. Visit the LeefH2 TMIndeigogo website to donate to this important cause.

About HNO Green Fuels
Located in Southern California, HNO Green Fuels, Inc. is a manufacturing, distribution, and research and development company specializing in reducing particulate matter emissions in combustion engines, improving combustion efficiency and fuel economy and producing breathable oxygen. HNO stands for “Hydrogen and Oxygen”, the two main components of water (H2O), which is the extremely abundant catalyst that is used to increase the combustion efficiency of hydrocarbon-based fuels. Breathable oxygen is a byproduct of the process of improving combustion efficiency and fuel economy.

Jasmine Louis of HNO Green Fuels can be reached by email at . Or by telephone at 951-200-4246, Ext. 5.

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