Hoarders911 Reveals Hoarder's Worst Nightmare

Experts discuss what hoarders fear most and how to help


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- The cleaning crew at Hoarders911 reveals that a hoarder's worst nightmare could also be the reason the condition goes unnoticed until it has gotten way out of hand. The team explains just what exactly that nightmare is, and how it affects the lives of hoarders.

"A hoarders worst nightmare is if someone asks to come inside their home" Explains Nicole Levine, CEO and founder of Hoarders911 and parent company Home Clean Home. To a hoarder having a visitor means looking their collection in the face, possibly having to discard items, or in extreme cases even eviction. Hoarders seek to avoid visitors at all costs.

According to experts at Hoarders911, the reason having company is such a nightmare is that a hoarder does not want to risk being forced to throw things away. Hoarders suffer from extreme anxiety at the thought of disposing items, and it is usually indicative of underlying psychological trauma. Confronting those issues can result in great amounts of stress, so more often than not a hoarder will opt for a life of isolation.

The bottom line is, no matter how much of a nightmare it might be, hoarders need assistance recovering their lives in order to avoid even worse things like bedbug or other pest infestations, eviction, and even animal cruelty charges. Hoarders911 makes sure they take the fears and concerns of each person they work with into account, by arriving in unmarked cars, carrying out all their tasks discreetly, and customizing a plan for each of their clients.

About Hoarders 911
By understanding the apprehensions of their clients, Hoarders911 is able to not only save hoarders from eviction or other legal trouble, but they are also able to facilitate a transformation to a happy lifestyle. They offer an all inclusive cleanup service which includes rubbish removal, professional organization, and if needed, they will call in their sister company Bedbug911 for pest control services. If any damage was done to the home, Hoarders911 can help restore it.

Because a hoarder's worst nightmare is having guests of any kind in their home, once they have agreed to get help it is very important that the professionals involved have a compassionate and efficient approach. Hoarders911 has an expertly trained team of individuals who are able to empathize with their clients, and help start them on the path to a healthier, stress-free, clutter-free lifestyle.

For more information on hoarders, or cleanup services visit: http://www.Hoarders911.com