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Hochman & Goldin Discusses Distracted Driving

South Florida law firm Hochman & Goldin, P.A. recently discussed the ongoing problem of distracted driving on the Florida roadways.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2016 -- Distracted driving is quickly becoming as big of a problem as drunk driving. Drivers are frequently seen talking on their cellphone or attempting to text and drive at the same time, leading to risky road conditions. In 2013 more than 2,500 people lost their life due to distracted driving and there were over 350,000 injuries due to the same reason.

Studies released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show over 180 different vehicles performing some kind of distracted driving activity in just fifteen minutes of recorded video. These activities include talking on the phone, texting or eating. Collectively, the number of distracted drivers is about eight percent.

Eating, texting, and talking on the phone are just a couple of examples of distracted driving. In each of these situations a driver's reaction and response times are slower which can prove highly dangerous. Drivers should always make it a point to reduce the amount of distractions and always keep their attention focused on the road.

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