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Spartanburg, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- Is anybody looking for a place where they can hold their wedding or their reception? In case they are, they should certainly check Summit Pointe out. This is a wedding venue that would certainly make it easier for the whole wedding party to relax and enjoy the whole day, instead of fretting. Those who are interested in knowing more about this location can head to the website,

Summit Pointe has actually managed to get several awards for providing people with really good accommodation. They can really help one organize and manage a really good cocktail reception or even the wedding within the center. They have around 19,000 sq ft of area in the center and it is possible for one to conduct a wedding or a reception in almost all these places! They also provide people with accommodation services!

Summit Pointe is a center that also provides people with abundant meeting space and open vendor! This would make life easier for those organizing the event, for their caterers would also be taken care of.

It is important for one to make sure that their wedding and their reception is conducted in a place that is not just convenient for all the people, but is also beautiful. The halls at Summit Pointe are decorated, but not overwhelmingly so. It would be possible for one to hold a party, wedding or reception with any theme they want and the halls can be suitably decorated according to the theme. The company also provides people with the floor plan of the halls so that they can plan out the seating arrangements, floral arrangements, etc. For those who are not sure about whom they are getting to cater their wedding, Summit Pointe does have a few pointers and a few suggestions about that.

The area is really close to the Westgate Mall on Spartanburg, so last minute shopping would also be possible! The center is located on Western Spartanburg and is easily accessible from the freeway as well. For more information about the center, please visit the website,

Address: Summit Pointe Conference & Event Center
805 Spartan Blvd
Spartanburg, SC 29301