Joe Bragg Shows Dallas Residents That Roofers Care


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- As any homeowner knows, replacing a roof can cost thousands of dollars. However, roof repairs and replacements are an unavoidable cost of home ownership. Homeowners, who don’t replace their roofs, risk leaving their homes at risk of further damage and potentially undermining the whole structure of the property.

That is exactly what happened to World War II veteran Lonnie White. Lonnie’s home in Portland, Texas was no longer up to code due to its problematic roof. Shingles were falling off during every windstorm and the roof was in a noticeable state of disrepair.

Unfortunately, every quote the 83-year old veteran received was beyond his limited income. After receiving several expensive quotes from other roofing companies, Lonnie was forced to leave his roof as it was. Since the roof was not up to code, this posed a substantial risk in terms of insurance, not to mention the risk to Lonnie and his wife’s personal safety.

That’s when Holden Roofing stepped in to help. Lonnie’s neighbor approached the Texas-based roofing contractor to ask them for a more affordable quote. Holden Roofing agreed to drop by Lonnie’s house and perform an estimate.

At first, local veteran Lonnie White thought that the company was going to offer him a quote just like every other roofing company in the city. However, after taking a look at the roof, Holden Roofing estimated the cost at exactly zero dollars. In exchange for the sacrifices Lonnie made for the United States over 60 years ago, Holden Roofing was happy to complete the entire project free of charge.

To say Lonnie was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement:

“They said there’d be no charge and no money involved. I just sat there sort of stunned…I’m glad I was sitting down.”

Minutes later, Lonnie called his wife, who reportedly started crying after she heard the news. Lonnie says his wife cried all night.

Holden Roofing has been serving Texas residents since 1961. They are a platinum referred contractor with over fifty years of service in the Texas area. In addition to supplying Lonnie with a free $12,000 roof, Holden Roofing offers a number of other charitable services to Texas residents, including Christmas donations, World War II veteran seminars, and other projects. Information about Holden Roofing’s charitable projects can be found at

World War II occurred over 60 years ago, and many people seem to have forgotten the service that veterans performed for the United States. Judging by this recent donation from Holden Roofing, at least one Houston roofing company still remembers the sacrifices that people like Lonnie White made for freedom.

About features the charity efforts performed by Holden Roofing, a Houston-based roofing contractor. Holden Roofing recently donated a $12,000 roof to a local World War II veteran whose house was not up to code. For more information, please visit