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All crave for whiter set of teeth, as everybody know it to the core that white teeth invariably brightens up smiles and improves looks, which indeed, bedazzles millions of hearts.


Arlington, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- The desire of whiter teeth for a brighter smile is very powerful; but unfortunately, not every person is blessed with pearly white teeth. However, with the advent of Cosmetic dentistry, it is today possible for every person to get whiter teeth. Cosmetic dentistry provides a myriad of teeth whitening alternatives done either in office by an orthodontist or at-home, but the most effective and safest method is dentist-supervised.

Tooth bleaching has become one of the most popular Cosmetic dental treatments. Tooth bleaching can safely and easily brighten the color of the teeth. The active ingredient in most of the whitening agents is carbamide peroxide; when water reacts with this white crystal, the release of hydrogen peroxide lightens the teeth. Dental whitening can generally enhance the whiteness of teeth. Final results can differ depending on the cause of the discolored teeth and lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking coffee and tea. Various reports have proven bleaching to be safe and efficient. The American Dental Association has awarded its seal of approval to some tooth bleaching products.

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