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Holiday Accommodation for Rent Can Be Found Quickly and for Less Money at New Website Visitunity


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2012 -- VisitUnity, a website that is devoted to helping people find a suitable holiday accommodation for rent just launched its brand new site.

The site helps people around the world find cheap holiday accommodation throughout much of Europe including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Greece, and other locations. Available services include holiday rentals, self-catering accommodations, vacation rentals in the United States, and many more.

In many ways, VisitUnity is like a market, where people can connect with private owners who wish to rent out their properties. For many travelers, this is a more attractive option than staying at a hotel.

VisitUnity is mostly focused on short-term rentals, but holiday accommodation listings are separated on the website into three categories: short term rentals, long term rentals, and living in families.

“Category ‘living in families’ is probably unique and experimental, it may sound crazy for some people,” an article on the website noted, adding that it is meant for those people who want more adventure, emotions, and communication, probably to acknowledge foreign culture.

“This criteria helps, because travelers or holiday home owners will be sure, that other people are not against communication, when in some cases people want privacy.”

The new website is very user-friendly and easy to use, with convenient search functions and the ability to communicate directly between travelers and home owners who are offering their properties for holiday lettings. The home page asks the inviting question “Where do you want to go?” and allows travelers to type in their response, enter in a city and country, or locate it on the map.

People who are thinking about traveling are welcome to take their time browsing through the new site, checking out its various features and using the easy to use buttons and functions to help plan their dream vacation. Travelers can choose their holiday accommodations by using many criteria, and people may call or email property owners directly to make the necessary arrangements.

Online chat functions and a Google-map centered system also helps travelers organize their next trip in a way that is fun and free from some of the typical stresses associated with vacation planning.

About VisitUnity
VisitUnity is an innovative project designed to assist travelers to find cheap holiday accommodations that are rented by private owners. For people who are looking for something different and cheaper than a hotel, then VisitUnity is the right place, as it provides excellent search functions and is a better platform for communication between the travelers and the property owners. VisitUnity also helps people to rent their apartment or room, to employ their space in the best possible manner. For more information, please visit http://www.visitunity.com