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Holiday Season Popular Time for Diamond Sales

Blue River Diamonds Jewelry Comprehensive Search Feature Helps Consumers Find Stones


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2012 -- Blue River Diamonds Jewelry, an international distributor of diamonds and fine jewelry, is leading the trend of simplifying the search for the perfect diamond. As the holidays approach, diamonds remain a popular choice for gift givers, but locating the right quality stone for the desired price can be a complicated challenge.

By allowing customers to search online, based on criteria including price, carat size and shape, it becomes easier to pinpoint the desired type of stone in less time than what is typically required in this type of search. This type of comprehensive search capability is available on the company’s website and is used by customers worldwide. Click on the link for information on blue river diamond jewelry review.

Gary Weiss of Blue River Diamonds Jewelry explained the company’s approach to diamond selection and their online search feature. “We constantly update our prices – every 24 hours – to ensure we’re offering customers the best possible value, and we offer a wide selection of diamond sizes, from 1/2ct to 15.00ct. Customers can use our online search feature to find exactly what they are looking for, and also can simply call us or send in a photo, and we will create something to meet their needs.”

About Blue River Diamonds Jewelry
Based in New York, Blue River Diamonds Jewelry offers a vast selection of diamond stones and jewelry to meet a wide range of preferences and budgets. The company offers a comprehensive online diamond search feature, to assist customers in identifying the precise right stone for their needs. In addition to sales, Blue River Diamonds Jewelry provides complete jewelry, with a one to two day turnaround time, and offers worldwide shipping. Blueriver Diamonds Jewelry has a diamond search feature that shows what jewelers pay for their jewelry and diamonds, which anybody that contacts them will get the same price.More information is available at and at (212) 869-9189.