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HolidayFeet Health Center Offers Variety of Massage Therapy

HolidayFeet Health Center, the winner of 2013 Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards offers variety of massage therapy including deep tissue massage, acupressure massage and reflexology foot massage.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Every New Year, people want to examine their personal health care options. Today, many are gravitating toward the branches of healing that differ from the accepted and valued allopathic medicine. Among the most popular of the healing arts are types of body work such as massage therapy. Understanding this, HolidayFeet Health Center offers the most comfortable therapy i.e. Massage. At HolidayFeet Health Center, people can find massage therapy of various types from deep tissue massage, acupressure massage to reflexology foot massage therapy in Vancouver.

"Massage therapy is a perfect complementary healing choice for most people's needs. Massage works extremely well with traditional methods of healing, particularly when used in support of a doctor's prescription," reported Tony Dong Lin, a registered acupuncturist in Vancouver, BC.

He added, "Massage has been used effectively in conjunction with traditional medical care to assist with pain management of the dying. Some evidence shows that massage helps to increase a patient's pain threshold by releasing certain endorphins in the brain. During the stressful period, it also offers relief for caregivers and family members."

The practitioners at HolidayFeet Health Center are experienced and highly qualified with extensive training in their areas of expertise. In their integrated service, their staffs provide a wide range of healing programs to the local community. The massage therapists update their knowledge through current magazines and shows on massage, and use their trained hands to relax sore, tight muscles while stimulating the flow of bodily fluids such as lymph, a necessary element of the immune system.

In addition to massage therapies, the leading health center also specialises in acupuncture, skin scrapping and cupping therapy in Vancouver. Moreover, they offer variety of massage packages that include: body massage or reflexology for $49 (single session) and $450 (ten sessions), acupuncture for $69 (single session) and $325 (five sessions), cupping and treatment massage for $49 (single session) and $225 (five sessions), pregnancy massage for $79 (single session) and $365 (five sessions), and full body massage for $89 (single session), $415 (five sessions) and $790 (ten session).

"We strive to provide the quality that ensures you will always be happy visiting us. All our therapies bring one of the world's greatest delights into your life. To receive is golden, to give is divine," Tony Dong Lin added lastly.

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HolidayFeet Health Center is your one stop resource to receive variety of massage therapy including deep tissue massage, acupressure massage, reflexology foot massage, acupuncture, skin scrapping and cupping. All these therapies are performed in a soothing environment giving you a positive experience. For more details, visit