Holistic Dentist in San Diego Recommends Sensible Life Principles


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- During his three decades of serving clients and moving toward the healthiest possible lifestyle for himself, San Diego dentist Dr. Daniel Vinograd has learned a few things about how to live intelligently. Throughout his more than 30 years of experience improving the lives of his patients, and he always encourages healthier lifestyles.

Inspired by the lessons he has learned from nature, he has created a sensible list of six principles that he follows and encourages his patients to follow too. First, he suggests that patient’s eat fewer processed foods and more cultured foods, including ample supplies of protein and vegetables. Then, his advice becomes more specific to dental health (see his ‘Holistic Dentist San Diego’ webpage for these in detail).

Second, he recommends that patients talk honestly with medical and dental professionals about how they can use simple procedures to enhance life. Third, he encourages the use of biocompatible dental resources when available. Fourth, he suggests using ozone-infused water at home to aid in increased oral health. Fifth, he recommends that all of his patients inform themselves about the link between dental health and overall health -- a strong link that many people fail to adequately understand.

Finally, his advice turns squarely back to overall wellbeing again when he encourages nurturing the spiritual aspects of life and promoting good mental health through yoga, meditation and other daily life-enhancement practices.

“These principles seem a sensible way to live to me, and the best medical and dental principles are based largely on common sense,” said Dr. Vinograd. “That’s why I’ve been promoting some version of this list throughout my career. As my approach to life has gotten better, I’ve refined the list, but the focus on common sense and close consultation with medical and dental professionals has always been a part of it.”

About Dr. Vinograd
Dr. Vinograd has been a dentist since 1978 and has promoted amalgam-free holistic dentistry since 1980. In addition to serving the public at Brighton Gentle Dental, is also a respected associate professor at the University of Southern California and a frequent dental mission trip participant who speaks both English and Spanish.

He is known in San Diego for providing both holistic and pain-free dentistry and is frequently published in professional publications. His credentials can be viewed at: http://besttoothpaste.net/fluoride-free/holistic-dentist-san-diego/

For a free consultation with Dr. Vinograd, area residents are encouraged to call (619) 382-3171.

Contact Information
Ari Vinograd
10450 Friars Rd Suite G
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