Holistic Dentist in San Diego Supports Non-Invasive Dental Treatments


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- Thousands of dental patients have now realized that Dr. Vinograd is probably the best option when they search the internet for ‘Holistic Dentist San Diego’. He’s not the type of dentist just known for obtaining degrees, but he has deservingly received recognition from the health community after years of dedication to a practice that was formerly considered ‘fringe’. He has dedicated more than 3 decades to holistic dentistry and helped thousands of dental patients with often innovated holistic treatments.

Doctor Vinograd is not just an ordinary dentist or a dentist using the term holistic to get the attention. He has respected the holistic side of dentistry and always supported the non-invasive dental treatments. Furthermore, he has contributed by creating his own formulas of toothpastes so the patients can make their own toothpastes and he’s the only dentist to devise a method of preventing the periodontal disease with the help of ozonizers.

He has also traveled around a lot to teach others about the great benefits of holistic dentistry as compared to conventional dentistry. He is also a big supporter of using non-mercuric amalgams in teeth to avoid the many dangers of mercury. Dr. Vinograd has treated patients with their dental problems and thus he has always talked about dental matters with proofs. His claims regarding the use of non-mercuric amalgam for preventing tooth decay is fully supported with evidences that were produced naturally when he was treating dental patients in his professional career.

Dr. Vinograd is still helping his patients with all the great knowledge he has regarding dentistry and dental care. He’s probably the only holistic dentist in San Diego who created his own toothpaste to protect the home users from using fluoride-containing toothpastes and toothpastes with other harmful substances. He has given several lectures and delivered talks on the issue of various agents and ingredients that are commonly found in toothpastes but are extremely dangerous for the health of the patients.

Currently, he’s the holistic dentist in San Diego with a long experience in the field and enough research to talk about any dental issues. His field is vast and holistic dentistry doesn’t deal with teeth only but also the effects of dental diseases, conditions and treatments on the rest of the body. Furthermore, his dentistry is not limited to doing treatments that are limited to fixing the dental problem but he works on the esthetics as well. He has given several talks about veneers and their benefits for teeth as well.

Whatever the case is with the teeth of a patient, Dr. Vinograd knows how to handle it because of his experience and untiring efforts in exploring the ways of fixing dental problems. He’s generous with his free instructions and advice as well. Patients can greatly benefit from his talks on the matter of brushing teeth properly. Dr. Vinograd thinks that a lot of dentists around the world are not very generous in giving instructions to their patients about proper brushing techniques.

About Dr. Vinograd
Dr. Vinograd has vast knowledge in the field of dentistry and the fact that he propagates and practices holistic dentistry, makes him the right choice for all dental patients. For anyone looking for holistic dentist in San Diego, visiting Dr. Vinograd’s office is definitely a must. Doctor Vinograd’s Holistic Dental Qualifications: http://drvinograd.com/holistic-dentist/bio-dr-vinograd-holistic-dentist-san-diego/

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