Holistic Material Handling Automation Services Featured in

Holistic Material Handling Automation Services Featured in


Livonia, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- In the current issue of Accounting Software 411,, Industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler writes about the correlation between the age of CEO’s and better customer service, “Automation decision makers whether in manufacturing, industry, or material demand more than ever before. This insistence for better service has a direct correlation to the decreasing age of CEOs of manufacturing and distribution firms. In 1999 the mean age of the CEO in any industrial sector was sixty-one; by 2007 the age dropped to only fifty-two; now in 2013 it has dropped again to age forty-five.” Companies like Trilogiq USA are taking a holistic view in the automation business as a means to improve automation services and customer satisfaction.

Earlier this year at ProMat 2013, in Chicago, hundreds of vendors extolled the virtues of particular solutions and products, whether focused on ergonomics, efficiencies, or clever designs. Few could describe the prospects’ “big picture” vantage point. Few had taken the mantle of holistic material handling or industrial automation practitioner. At ProMat, Tim Floyd, National Sales Director, for Trilogiq USA, shared his point of view about this topic. The company is holding its 2nd Annual Solution Expo on October 10, 2013. More than a hundred confirmed attendees have registered to see, first-hand, what holistic automation means. This is the beginning of a critical and new trend in automation solutions.

The event in Michigan on October 10th is the launch of what will be known as holistic automation. It is a date that heralds a new level of customer care in the industrial sector. While still in its infancy, the willingness to listen and act upon the Voice of the Customer is long-overdue.

While attrition of many firms accounted for some of this lower-aged executive, there are other reasons that the “old school” and “old boys club” are quickly being replaced. Younger CEOs have a much greater likelihood of holding MBAs and less likely to be engineers by training. These management leaders are versed in lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, continuous improvement theory.

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About Trilogiq USA
Trilogiq USA ( was founded in 2000 to provide material handling solutions to manufacturing organizations, with an initial focus on the automotive industry. Trilogiq USA was a pioneer in identifying automotive industry manufacturing successes and adapting. Working in all production and manufacturing industry sectors including distribution and warehousing, has made Trilogiq USA the first full-service implementer of best-practice production process improvement solutions. Follow Trilogiq USA on Twitter @TrilogiqUSA.

Trilogiq USA is hosting the 2nd Annual Solution Expo and deadline for registration is October 3rd; immediate reservations can be made at

Sarah Cunningham
Marketing Coordinator