Hollywood Actresses MyKayla & Hannah Sohn Are Shining Stars on and off the Big Screen


Laurel, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- Hollywood Actresses MyKayla & Hannah Sohn are Shining Stars on and off the Big Screen. Both sisters are home schooled and in the fourth grade they excel well beyond their grade level. Nine year-old MyKayla reads at a 7th grade level and 11 year-old Hannah reads at a 10th grade level. Their favorite book is Charlottes Webb.

The sisters love going to the mall, warm California weather, family time, scary movies and thrillers. A typical day for MyKayla and Hannah upon waking up is home school, auditions, coaching, playing with their dog, singing, acting and dance lessons.

About MyKayla & Hannah
Mykayla Sohn began acting at the age of 5. She first appeared in several regional and national commercials and then various shorts, independent films, pilots and TV projects. Among some of those projects, included working alongside actor Seth Green in HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN and working with actress Ashley Tisdale in a parody for TODDLERS & TIARAS. In 2012, she was nominated for best supporting actress in LAST SHOT, at the 168 Film Festival. She then went on to cast in an independent feature film called LISTENING, which is still currently in production. Mykayla then got to work on a made for TV movie for Lifetime called LOVE AT THE CHRISTMAS TABLE, where she worked with actress Lea Thompson and played actress Danica Mckellar's god daughter. In the summer of 2012 she landed a part as a recurring costar in a new TV comedy series on NBC called GUYS WITH KIDS, where she played Violet, the daughter of actress Jamie Lynn Sigler and actor Zach Cregger. After Guys with Kids she was a guest star on an episode of Hawaii Five 0 where she played a girl who was kidnapped and played opposite Mare Winningham and she just recently worked on a feature film where she plays Daryl Hannah's daughter. Mykayla loves to act and has been told by many that have worked with her in the industry that she is a natural and very professional young actress.

Hannah Sohn started to take an interest in performing and acting at an early age. Always very outgoing, she delivered a monologue on stage in front of thousands at the age of only three. Since then she has done several commercials, short films, various comedy skits on You Tube, some voice over work as well as some appearances on TV shows. She was featured on an episode of Disney's JESSIE, which happened to be her favorite show when she booked it, as well as NBC's GUYS WITH KIDS, a show where her sister Mykayla is a regular. She also appeared on the Lifetime TV movie LOVE AT THE CHRISTMAS TABLE, as well as in a comedy skit called TODDLERS AND TIARAS, which was a spoof of the actual show, along with her sister. Hannah likes to do comedy as well as drama and was recently cast in a show called KILLER KIDS on the Lifetime Movie Channel where she plays the victim of a true-life crime story. Hannah's latest project was for a feature untitled horror film. Hannah has done several short films and comedy skits for Funny or Die.

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