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Hollywood Clapperboards Announces the Launch of Its Website: www.hollywoodclapperboards.com


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2015 -- Hollywood Clapperboards (the Company) has been deeply involved in commercial production, manufacturing, wholesaling and retail sales of both standard and customized hand crafted custom clapperboards, also known as clap boards or slates for over 30 years. Clapper boards have come of age, a distant relative of the creation produced by F.W. Thring to synchronize sound with the moving image. Hollywood Clapperboard's modern clap sticks are custom created using U.S.A. sourced premium hardwoods, laminates and feature any image and design imaginable. Having partnered with the industry standard Denecke, Inc. for over 30 years, the Company clapboards have been featured in top commercial, music video, television, film and digital motion picture productions. Online operations of the company website commenced October, 2015.

Robert Litomisky, owner of Hollywood Clapperboards, commented: "I am thrilled to announce our Company's start of online operations. We created a website which enhances buyer experience by allowing our customers to visualize and select every element of their custom clapperboard before finalizing purchase. Starting from their selection of the Clapper Top, through selecting Board material, naming their Production and uploading their images, customers are guided step by step and can review and correct their choices in the process. Our expert craftsmen then work hand in hand to ensure customers are satisfied in creating their own flawless piece of Hollywood. Our website offers international shipping bringing the Hollywood experience worldwide!"

About Hollywood Clapperboards
Hollywood Clapperboards, established in 1985, is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of both standard and customized motion picture clapperboards. The company's mission is to is to design and manufacture clapper boards that are effective, durable and reflect the needs of the modern film, digital, television and commercial industries while expanding into the tourist and online marketplaces. Hollywood Clapperboards is located in Los Angeles, CA.

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