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Hollywood Publicist's Hilarious Tribute to Working Moms, "Where's My Award", Launches to Rave Reviews


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2016 -- Ever wonder how those glamorous mothers you routinely see in film and TV shows effortlessly balance successful careers, demanding bosses and heavy travel schedules -- all while managing an immaculate dream home, adoring husband, happy straight-"A" cherub-faced kids, aPTA committee gig, walking the dog twice a day and still make her yoga class before going home to make her family a gourmet organic dinner each night?

Accomplished Hollywood comedian, screenwriter, mother and award-winning publicist Margot Black unravels this mystery and more in a hilarious, yet deeply poignant, tribute to working moms everywhere based on her own life in the new book, "Where's My Award? How to Get Baby Barf out of a Red Carpet and Other Tales from a Working Mom in Hollywood."(Spoiler alert: It doesn't really work that way In Real Life.)

"Where's My Award" is a love letter giving voice to, and honoring the challenges faced by, working moms everywhere ( From pumping breast milk in the bathroom of a Beverly Hills hotel, persuading her reluctant son to act in a TV pilot, saving a famous sportsman's dignity at a trendy hotel launch, to getting baby barf out of a red carpet, the former stand-up comedian turned mother turned Hollywood publicist's tales are as humorous and substantive as they are heart-felt.Did you know Forbes Magazine reports the cost of childcare can cost more than college, contributing to every working mom's conundrum?

"Where's My Award?" launches this week to rave reviews (see HuffPo's article: – and just in time for the start of what many see as Hollywood's equally humorous prolific awards season. Margot, Founder and CEO of Black Ink PR, combines her delightful humor and years of color experience with a witty sense of the absurd to examine the impossible standard the media sets for women -- all while encouraging women to have a good laugh at it all.

Adding to the life-imitates-art irony that is so often Hollywood, just as Margot's publisher was sending the book to print a few weeks ago, The Public Relations Society of America - L.A. bestowed its highest honors on Black Ink PR with prestigious annual Awards for Excellence in two major categories

With the seemingly endless parade of Hollywood's self-flagellating award shows kicking off this month, will "Where's My Award?" be the catalyst for a new, over-produced and much-hyped award while grandiose orchestra music plays that recognizes the achievements of working moms? Stay tuned. It's Hollywood, far stranger things have happened.

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