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Holmes Custom Renovations, LLC Announces Arrival of Infinity from Marvin Windows

Infinity from Marvin Windows offer all of the benefits of vinyl with far more durability and none of the downsides, reports Holmes Custom Renovations


Blue Ash, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- Vinyl windows are popular, but they actually have many downsides. They can crack and fade, and worse, some brands look cheap right from the start. For this reason, many people have sought an alternative that is low-maintenance but doesn't have any of vinyl's problems. Today, Home Custom Renovations, LLC has announced the arrival of the solution: Infinity from Marvin replacement windows.

"Infinity from Marvin replacement windows are the ultimate replacement windows in Cincinnati, Ohio," said Ian Holmes, owner of Holmes Custom Renovations. "They have so many advantages over vinyl that it's hard to know where to begin. They're made of fiberglass instead of vinyl, which makes them far more durable. They're stained at the factory instead of having their color blended into plastic, so they look like real wood. Their corners aren't fusion welded, so there are no ugly spots. They're just great windows overall."

It's easy to understand Holmes' excitement about being able to offer Infinity from Marvin replacement windows in Cincinnati considering all of these benefits. The ability to have the stain applied at the factory is one factor that's sure to draw many people's attention. This doesn't just allow them to look like wood. The factory coating is so durable that the windows don't need to be restained or repainted, so they're also maintenance-free.

"These windows are also more efficient than other versions," said Holmes. "In fact, they're Energy Star certified. This allows customers to know that the promised efficiency is actually there."

Customization is also standard with Infinity windows. Holmes Custom Renovations even offers the Infinity Window Designer App to allow customers to see what various styles and options will look like in their homes. This greatly minimizes the chance of making a design mistake. It's also fun to use.

"Who doesn't love to picture various designs in their homes?" Holmes asked. "No one that I know. The app is hugely popular among those who intend to get new windows put in or are starting to consider such a project."

Out of all of the Exterior Remodeling Services in Cincinnati, window installation is the most likely to have an extremely visible result. No one can miss what the windows look like. Therefore, it's a good idea to pay closer attention to their style and design than is often given to other exterior elements.

"Many people want the appearance of wood because it looks natural and implies that a decent amount of work and expense went into the construction," noted Holmes. "On the other hand, nobody wants to be stuck going out there to repaint or restain the frames every few years. Infinity windows from Marvin are the perfect solution to all of these needs, and I'm happy to be able to offer them to our customers."

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