Holt's Cigar Company Is Now Offering Free Shipping on Boveda Humidification Packs


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Holt’s Cigar Company is pleased to announce that they are now offering free shipping on cubes and bricks when it comes to their Boveda cigar humidification packs. Holt’s believes that when it comes time to making sure cigars are properly humidified, any person’s humidification issues will cease with Boveda. Boveda is the leader in humidification technology, and will allow any cigar smoker to reach and sustain the ideal humidity levels without having to meddle with the humidification device itself, as well as the distilled water.

Getting started with Boveda is extremely simple; a person only needs to add 1 packet for every 25 cigars that are in the humidor. One of the reasons that Holt’s has chosen to offer this special discount is also because they are a group of true cigar nuts and they all use Boveda. They believe that is the easiest and most efficient way to keep any cigars fresh as long as possible, and seek to convince their customers of that by offering this special discount. Customers can also rest assured, as each packet will last for about 2 months, and Boveda also offers an 84% humidity seasoning kit for the humidor.

In addition to the Boveda humidification packs, Holt’s is also now offering an Ashton ashtray in the shape of a car. Customers can now rest their ashes down in the best looking car that can also serve as a unique decorative piece for their home.

Boveda humidors will take all of the uncertainty out of how and where a person should be storing his or her cigars in order to maintain their freshness. Customers should recognize that not all humidification products are created equal, but with Boveda, potential Holt’s customers should rest assured that Boveda will be nothing but top of the line protection for their cigars.

To hear more about this special discount please visits http://www.holts.com.