New Online Investment Website UInvest Allows Consumers to Own Business Shares from Home

UInvest has launched its new website offering consumers the opportunity to invest in businesses without leaving their homes.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2012 -- UInvest has successfully launched its website and now allows home-based consumers in investing in actual businesses from the comforts of their own homes. The purpose of the website is to help consumers conveniently look for investment opportunities all throughout Europe.

According to UInvest representatives, “UInvest offers a fresh perspective in business investing – it is easy and can be done from home.” True enough, the website takes consumers through an easy-to-follow process that ends with them reaping profits from their home-based investment.

UInvest makes an interesting offer, as there is no limit to the potential earnings that consumers can make. The earnings will come as long as the business term is active. If the business term is unlimited, the home-based investors will make money for as long as the business is alive. This means that if the investors choose the right businesses to invest in, they have the opportunity of earning lifetime dividends.

“At UInvest, we understand the risks in investing. That’s why we help minimize these risks by carefully selecting and offering only the most viable and profitable business opportunities,” UInvest representatives share. The secret, therefore, lies in how “UInvest places emphasis on sustainable businesses that generate profitable returns.” UInvest’s extensive criteria help them screen businesses before putting them on board. Potential investors are also free to request for all information about a featured business before they make an investment.

To take part of this exciting new opportunity for entrepreneurs and home-based consumers who are looking for ways to earn money from home, they simply have to create an online investing account through the website. Through this, they can access various investment opportunities and choose the ones that are appealing to them. Then they can place an investment at the size that they want. They can then participate in the management of the business they invested in, and will receive a share of the profits the business will make. The earnings are sent to the consumer’s UInvest account every month, on the date the investments were placed. Once consumers receive their profits, they can withdraw it from their UInvest accounts and into their bank accounts.

About UInvest
UInvest is based in Los Angeles, California and has an office in Ukraine. Its Ukraine headquarters was strategically chosen due to the region’s vast natural resources and friendly business environment. It also brings them closer to lucrative business partnerships in Europe.