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Home Charm Furniture Online Store Provides Simple and Useful Home Furniture

Home Charm is a furniture production company based in China. It specialises in cabinets, tables, chairs and wooden shelves for different needs.


CangShan, Fuzhou -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2013 -- Bricks and batter make houses, while furniture and household makes them homes. Home Charm is a company involved in manufacture of various kinds of furniture. It sells wooden ready assembled furniture. While all furniture companies having range of products may not be bad, Home Charm takes the stance of exclusivity. The range of furniture available at it includes cabinets, tables, chairs and shelves. Dealing in specific kinds of furniture, Home Charm has been able to satisfy expectations with its products. Moreover, the items are not extravagant and meant to cater the real need of regular families.

Home Charm provides about 20 different kinds of fully assembled cabinets. Each cabinet has its own charm in addition to the unique way in which it can be used. They are designed differently for bathrooms, laundry, light storage such as that of medicines, buffets, books, pantry etc. Apart from floor and wall cabinets, room-saver is designed to fit the toilet-tank to save space. Large wall cabinets are perfect for storage of laundry equipment while the smaller mirrored ones are meant to be used above basins or in bathrooms. There is a set of 3 chic cubes that can accommodate usual things but seem most suitable for decors. Widest variety is available in floor cabinets. Among the diverse designs, the corner cabinet is really innovative. Similarly, the wooden ladder magazine holder serves dual-purpose of storage and decor too. Notably, all models are fully assembled cabinets and buyers will not have to go through tough installation procedures.

Tables are available in 4 different styles, 2 of which are designed to suit desktops. One among the rest has foldable top and is variously useful which can be used both as coffee table or just a simple table. A tea table and an elegant black chair are also available. Wooden floor book shelf and wall rack are other ready assembled furniture by Home Charm. A good provision by Home Charm is DIY living room furniture, which are just the opposite of ready assembled furniture. It is helpful for buyers as they can adjust and place the furniture exactly how and where they want to. Such kind of furniture eliminates the difficulty faced with the rigidity of ready assembled furniture. However, both pre-assembled and DIY furniture have advantages. The former provides convenience in installation while the latter kind is preferable for adjustment and custom setting.

Home Charm offers discount coupons and gift certificates to up the ante of the deal. Complete details about discount coupons and gift certificates can be found on the official website of the company. Various queries related to usage of gift certificate are pre-answered as FAQs.

About Home Charm
Home Charm is a Chinese online furniture store firm that sells pre-assembled as well as DIY furniture for buyers of various needs. Its range of furniture includes cabinets, tables, chairs and shelves. It deals only in wooden furniture and offers gift certificates as well as discount coupons to its customers.

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