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Home Décor Designer Has Insight Into the Evolution of Home Design


Queens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Home décor is much like any other fashion statement. There are trends that many follow through the years. Recently, one of the biggest trends is concrete.

“Concrete is showing up in small tables and more for the fall. You will expect lamps, vases and outdoor planters,” said Johnny Hilaire, owner of Pad Decors.

Metals will be popular as well. Expect to see lots of gold, brass bronze and more. These will be used more for accents than anything else.

“Yellow metals are seen on bookcases, shelves and even on tableware. Other accents will include furniture legs and the like,” said Hilaire, “other metals you are likely to see will be copper shades on iron and gem-shapes on fixtures.”

The rustic look, wood and rough metal and textiles, are also destined to be popular this year. The difference is the addition of industrial looking metals to accent. Best of all these pieces will sit comfortably in almost any living space.

“This means a look almost like the “Steampunk” movement that is popular with the Science Fiction crowd. The woods will be washed and grainy looking with lots of character. The darker woods like ebony and mahogany. A good example is the Jeremiah rocker from Crate and Barrel,” said Hilaire.

Also popular are things like shaggy wool and mango wood slabs. Both add texture and dimension to a home or room.

“Lamps, like the large chunky ones, are great when a burlap shade is included,” said Hilaire.

Fall colors always trend towards the neutrals, but this year the hues and coloration run much more deeply than before and are partnered with some lighter tones, yet stay within the same rustic, rough look. Graphic, chocolate and slate are matched with stone or ash. Rocks and woodland colors are also going to be popular this year.

Just because most of the trends are leaning to the fall color spectrum, there is still some real color to be found in the trends. Expect to see more citron and mustard matched to the neutrals. For those who are clinging tenaciously to the modern look, find neons and pinks.

“Color is important for the overall look of a home. Mix and match saturated hues like oxblood, orange rubies with blues, navies and creams,” said Hilaire.

Those who are not interested in finding all new colors but are still interested in meeting the latest trends will find accent pieces such as pillows or rugs a great choice. For rooms outside of the main rooms, towels, rugs and small furnishings are going to be a hit.

Some will continue to want the basics. The black wall coverings accented with beads and gold are timeless pieces. The art-deco vibe has been popular for a long time and the motifs will continue to please.

“Brass, slate and palms on curved legs are a mix of the past with the modern glam,” said Hilaire.

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