Habibie Company Provides Practical Home Design Ideas for Every House


South Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Habibie is an established company that provides home owners with practical information and ideas on home design, as well as exterior and interior improvement. People will find useful tips and professional advices that will help them make each one of their rooms and premises according to their taste and preferences.

Gamesbadge.com is the best place where home owners should necessarily look at, to find plenty new ideas on how to improve their home design. They can conveniently use the DIY category, where they will find step-by-step guides on how to do these improvements by themselves. Habibie will save them a lot of money that they should otherwise give to other people.

The multiple practical advices include using of recycle materials to make outdoor beds, installing of vinyl siding, making a creative wall décor from a silicone mold, making easily a French drain, blinds for windows, low cost bulletin post, bubble chandelier, cushions and so much more.

In addition, visitors will be able to find related useful tips on each of the site categories that include basement, bathroom, bedroom, door, floor, furniture, garage, garden, kitchen, lighting, wall and more. Here are some insights from different categories:

- The Wall category offers ideas on making a framed chalkboard, installing wall panel molding, how to paint walls, or how to paint a tree on a wall, etc.
- From the Lightning category, users will learn how to make a unique and creative lamp, glass bottle lights, recycle the old lamp to make a new baby room lamp, pendant light, etc.
- The Kitchen category will teach customers how to install a sink, refresh the kitchen cabinets by painting or refinishing them, installing of wainscoting panels, etc.
- People, who have mold problems, will learn how to remove it effectively in the Bathroom category.
- Home owners will learn how to build a beautiful and strong gazebo and fire pit in the Garden category.
- The website offers great garage ideas, like making garage storage plans.

There are two more special categories on home décor and interior design full of precious tips, like painting interior technique, picking a room color, faux painting techniques, etc.

Many more useful ideas await people who would like to make home improvements by themselves to save money and make their house more beautiful and safe place to live in. All tips are accompanied with pictures that will help people better visualize what should be done.

Those, who are enthusiastic about making home improvements at low cost, can visit http://gamesbadge.com for plenty of creative home design ideas that can easily be applied at their own houses.

About Habibie Company
Habibie Company is created in 2008 as a web advertising and Media company. During 2009, the company grew into a substantial marketing and property agency due to the partnership with Ridwan HR, when Rumah101.com is created. Although the initial plans were to focus mainly on the Interest market, the company now plans to extend their services and to include Commercial Design market as well.