Home Flu Remedies Picking Up Steam as Health Epidemic Rises Says Article


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- With the flu season rapidly expanding and not yet reaching the half-way point, many people across America are scrambling to find home-based remedies to potentially ward off their exposure to the flu virus which is beginning to reach epidemic levels according to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Ga. Health and Wellness online portal, has researched several home remedies for combating the flu in order to give those who strive to live the healthy lifestyle a fighting chance against a potentially deadly virus.

According to Tom Friedan, the Chief of the CDC headquartered in Atlanta, GA, as quoted on a published report on, “ "It's shaping up to be a worse than average season and a bad season particularly for the elderly," stated Friedan. “We expect to see both the number and rates of hospitalization and flu-related deaths to rise further before this flu season ends; (normally by mid-May of each year).”

The CDC recently released that 30 states are reporting that influenza rates have increased from this time last year leading many states, including the populous State of New York, to declare a ‘state of emergency’ over the flu epidemic. Widespread flu activity has spread in all 48 US land states, and although there is no way to determine if flu illnesses can be 100% prevented, it is commonly understood that several home remedies can significantly reduce a person’s chances of attracting the recent strain of influenza and boost their immune system.

Some common immunity boosters including garlic, salt, ginger, lemon and mustard all contain several key antioxidants which help the human body increase antibodies the fight off infections, viruses and even the common cold. Daily exposure to natural sunlight has also been shown by natural medication experts to increase the human body’s production of antibodies, enriched vitamins and other nutrients which help to fight off infections and viruses from attaching to the blood stream.

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Larry Ostrovsky