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Home Hair Coloring Can Be Done Successfully Thanks to Help from New e-Book by Doris Möller


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- As many people have found out the hard way, coloring hair at home can be a difficult and disappointing process.

After choosing what they think will be the perfect color of hair dye at the store, people are often shocked to discover that their hair doesn’t look anything like the picture on the box.

In an effort to get their hair looking good again, men and women will head straight to their local hair salon, where they will typically have to spend quite a bit of money for a professional stylist to fix the color. What makes this situation especially ironic is that most people try home hair coloring in order to save money.

For years, Doris Möller has worked as a hair stylist as well as a color and perm technician throughout Germany, England and Canada. Möller, who was trained in Germany and has also taught hair styling at a school in Toronto, Canada, has seen first-hand what can happen when well-meaning people incorrectly guess which hair color will be right for them.

In an effort to help people avoid hair color mishaps, Möller recently released a unique e-Book that teaches consumers how they can become experts in coloring their hair at home. The e-Book, which is titled “The Right Hair Color for You,” is available through Möller’s website, how-to-color-hair.com.

In her book, which is available through the website for $29.95, Möller demystifies the hair coloring process by teaching the basic knowledge that is needed in order for people to learn how to successfully color their own hair.

Approximately 80 percent of people who color their hair at home do not get the hair color they expect, Möller said, adding that the reason for this situation is that hair coloring manufacturer’s advertising gives the false impression that it’s easy to color hair at home without any training or skill.

“This illusion is costing consumers a considerable amount of money and much unhappiness. Another unfair method is the ambivalent labeling of hair coloring products. One of the greatest sources of mistakes comes from the claim on some box hair colors that the color washes out. Yet often it does not which causes extensive problems for people who use this type of hair color.”

Möller said her motivation behind writing her new eBook is to present the information in such a way that is easy for people to understand , and that will allow them to finally truly save money by successfully coloring their own hair.

About Doris Möller
Doris Möller has years of experience working as a hair stylist and color and perm technician. Möller, who was trained in Germany and has worked in Germany, England and Canada, is the author of three books about hair coloring and style. Her latest e-Book, titled “The Right Hair Color for You,” offers detailed instructions that teach consumers how to become experts on coloring their own hair. For more information, please visit http://www.how-to-color-hair.com