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Home Health Aide Blog Offers In-Depth Information for People Who Want to Work in This Field


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2012 -- Across the country, there is currently a shortage of many types of medical personnel, including nurses. For people who wish to start a new career in the field of nursing, now is an exceptionally good time to do so. For example, home health care has many opportunities for those who are seeking an entry-level position into this fulfilling field of work.

Ellen Hill, a nurse who has worked in home health care for many years, has just launched a new website that is devoted to teaching people everything there is to know about pursuing a career as a home health aide or caregiver.

HomeHealthAideBlog.com features a wide variety of educational articles filled with advice and tips about this line of work. Everything about home health care is covered in the website, including what types of home health aide training aspiring caregivers can expect to go through, as well as information on home health certification and much more.

For those who are unsure what is involved in being a home health aide, the website also explains what caregiver duties typically entail.

“An aide delivers assistance to a patient in their private residence or at a health care facility,” an article on the new site noted, adding that their primary responsibility is to make sure that their ward or patients get proper care and that they are providing services as implied by a medical professional.

“Medically, home health care aides keep records of their patients’ health and monitor daily indices like temperature, heart or pulse rate. They also dress wounds, and if allowed, administer emergency medications.”

In addition, in-home caregivers also make sure that their patients are clean, helping with baths and other personal hygiene issues when needed.

The new website is extremely user-friendly; people are welcome to visit the site at any time and take their time reading through the many helpful articles. A list of category pages on the left-hand side of the home page will help readers find the specific type of information they are looking for quickly and easily. Topics include home health aide classes, salaries, duties, and training.

About HomeHealthAideBlog.com
HomeHealthAideBlog.com is a brand new website that was developed by Ellen Hill, a nurse who works in the field of home health care. After helping many people offline enter into a career in this field, she decided to put her vast knowledge about the subject into an online resource that could help others. Her website is an informational site developed to guide people into starting a career as a home health aide or caregiver. For more information, please visit http://homehealthaideblog.com