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HRT Treatments / Natural Health Research and Weight Loss Plans Announces New Home Hormone Testing Kits, Now Available on Amazon

In order to better serve their customers, HRT Treatments has opened a new Amazon storefront, offering home hormone testing kits, sent directly to the customer’s home for easy home testing.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- With convenience in mind, HRT Treatments and Weight Loss Plans now offers, on Amazon, the most popular home hormone tests from ZRT Laboratories. Now customers interested in home hormone testing can easily test hormone levels from the privacy and comfort of their own homes, merging the ease and reliability of Amazon with proven effective and dependable home hormone testing from ZRT Labs.

Available for easy purchase, HRT Treatments’ new Amazon store front offers great savings for Amazon users on HRT Treatments’ most popular new products. Included for sale are the wildly popular new home hormone testing kits, capable of testing for hormone balance from the safety and comfort of the buyer’s own home. Customers simply purchase one of HRT Treatments’ available hormone testing kits from Amazon, and have it delivered within a few days. All transactions take place on the Amazon platform, so customers can easily rate service, return unused product if desired, and receive tracking and delivery information all in one simple place.

For home hormone testing, users simply use the included materials in the test kit to collect samples. HRT Treatments’ home hormone testing kits utilize blood spot, saliva, urine, or all three testing samples to determine various hormone levels in the body to an extremely accurate degree. Samples, once collected are sent via an included, pre-paid envelope, back to the laboratory for evaluation. Once results are complete, an HRT Treatments doctor contacts the patient and thoroughly reviews all results. Each HRT Treatments doctor can also prescribe any desired hormone replacement therapy options necessary.

Receiving hormone replacement therapy has never been so simple, and now with HRT Treatments’ new Amazon store front, it has never been so inexpensive. For one low cost, interested clients across the country can receive in-house quality hormone testing, at home, and all services including doctor consultation, for one low price. Visit the HRT Treatments Amazon store HERE.

HRT Treatments has treated over 10,000 patients across the country, with programs ranging from medically supervised weight loss plans, to prescription diet aids, and now home hormone test kits and replacement therapy. Clients can feel comforted by the vast experience of a well-established company. The HRT Treatments customized male hormone therapy programs feature:

- A highly trained staff of doctors and nurses who specialize in natural bioidentical hormone replacement for men of all ages
- Comprehensive testing, done easily from home
- Thorough laboratory analysis of results by ZRT Labs, reviewed by a licensed doctor
- Personalized male therapy program - pairing solutions with symptoms
- Quality compounded bioidentical hormones and pharmacy-grade supplements
- Nutritional guidance and support
- Customized men's health and fitness programs

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