Home Improvement Debt Consolidation Loan at Low Rates to Consolidate Debt and Home Remodeling

Recently, a man did some serious home improvements, but not before he spoke to his neighbor, who had also just done them on his own house, too, and who recommended for advice about home improvement loans.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Some of suggestions for home improvement debt consolidation loan include:

- Compare Rates & Terms
- Repayment Options
- Cash-out Refinance

Search for Great Rates & Terms

Before accepting an offer on a home improvement loan, be sure to compare interest rates and terms among several lenders. Particularly if one’s credit is very good, checking out the competition can yield excellent results. It can end up in an interest rate being lowered by 1% to %5, depending on whether one chooses a traditional bank or a credit union. Such a difference means more money to put into repairs or improvements, which is always good.

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Consider Repayment Choices
Once the loans have been obtained and utilized, it’s time to figure out how to repay them. After all, a person can get into some serious debt fixing up the house. To make the job of paying back what’s been borrowed easier, one might consider consolidation of the debt from the home improvement loan(s). This process is easy enough, especially when one has good credit. All it does is convert all of one’s loans into one, lower-interest loan. The consolidation lender then disburses the money to the loan agents, leaving the borrower with a single payment rather than several.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Rather than obtaining a home improvement debt consolidation loan, check out a HELOC. A home equity line of credit works like a huge credit card, so one can use it as he needs to – including to pay back other, higher interest loans – and he only pays the lower rate on the money he actually pulls from his 10-year “draw” account. If one opted for a home equity loan, he would have to take the money in a lump sum and pay interest on the entire amount, making the HELOC a better choice.

Refinancing the Mortgage with Cash Back
Depending on the amounts of one’s combined home improvement loans, he may want to get them all taken care of in one fell swoop by doing a cash-out mortgage refinance. Basically, this pays off the original mortgage and results in a second loan for more than one actually needs, hence the cash-out. He can then apply the cash to paying off his fix-up loans and still handle his mortgage payment.

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