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Lenexa, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- The home improvement industry was introduced post World War II. Returning soldiers needed housing and needed it quick. Developers excitedly stood by ready to help. Thus, the need for home maintenance and supplies rapidly grew which quickly lead to the home improvement industry. But what started out as a “must have” in terms of home improvement or home maintenance grew to a worldwide hobby…or even sport. There are websites created specifically around home improvement. People write blogs about the “10 best tips to home improvement.” There are magazines, trade shows, radio shows and even television shows with “experts” on home improvement. But are we blinded by the business? Are we blinded by who looks the best for TV? Who writes the best for the Average Joe Home Improvement blog? (not an actual blog) The answer…yes!

If you were to research the so-called stars of television, you will find a large percent have never even picked up a hammer. A lot of them read scripts or study what project it is the night before so they can on stage and be an expert. Don’t get me wrong, there are several experts on television that are very reputable. But before you watch, I ask that you do your research to see how credible the source of information is. But more importantly, you should do your research on what home improvement company you may select to actually work on your home. Alenco Home Improvement is one of Kansas City’s largest and most reputable home improvement company’s. Not long ago, Alenco conducted a survey asking customers what they looked for in a home improvement company prior to their selection. Here is what Alenco found: length of time in business, better business bureau report (I’ll save this for another day), insurance, who started the company, who runs the company, logistics of implementation, customer testimonials, job samples…and a few more. Alenco home improvement is a REAL home improvement company specializing in replacement windows in the Kansas City area. You do your research on them, and you will see for yourself. Don’t be blinded by a fancy website, cool truck, or pretty face. Open your eyes to the quality of the company and the workmanship.

About Alcnco
Alenco’s storied history began way back in 1986 out of Olathe, KS. Our mindset from the beginning was to deliver the finest in Kansas City home improvement and beyond with our quality services. Since our inception, we have rapidly grown up to our present location in Lenexa, KS. Our 36,000 square foot building has more than enough room to contain our warehouse, production department, the entire administrative staff and one of the biggest showroom floors in the greater Kansas City area. How did we get there? We began by simply offering vinyl siding installation. Through those successes, we moved on towards creating a more comprehensive package for the exterior of our customer’s homes. After adding Thermal Industries vinyl windows to the mix, we were off and running. By 1994, we were building high-quality Sunrooms along with so much more. We’ve continually aimed to deliver the highest quality products which not only increase the allure of our customer’s home, but the overall value as well.