Home Improvements Contractors - Getting Best Contractors for Home Improvement Remodeling

Houses are built of wood and metal, which means that they’ll begin to wear down somewhat eventually. Wind may begin seeping in under the window sills, or the front porch may start buckling.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Whatever the problem, a homeowner has to search for contractors that specialize in home improvement, but how will he know he’s found a good one? has explored this topic and is happy to share what it found, such as:

- Major Retailers
- Online Advisors
- Personal/Business Referrals
- Watch for Scams

Major Consumer Retailers

Many multi-department stores, such as Sears, have local home improvement contractors at the ready. These craftsmen can renovate a kitchen or help with heating and cooling systems. They must give a homeowner a written estimate of costs. Their work is guaranteed, and all of the material used is backed by manufacturers’ warranties. The biggest benefit of hiring one of these contractors is that they’re affiliated with a major retailer, which provides the comfort of familiarity for consumers, making it likely they’ll opt for these contractors.

Online Consultants

Periodically, an individual will see an ad for an online advisor on television. These consultants test various products and service providers and then rate them, usually using a 5-star format. This service keeps records of home improvements contractors, too. It may compare several or just test out one. Whatever the advisor does, it will give pertinent, true feedback on the companies it tries, which can go miles in helping a person choose his contractor.

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Business/Personal Recommendations

It’s not hard to find home improvement contractors. The problem is that there are so many of them, it’s difficult to choose the best one. One thing that helps with this issue is asking around. Talk to other craftsmen who’ve worked with specific contractors and get their opinions. Chat with neighbors that have recently had home improvements done and find out which contractor they chose and why. Word-of- mouth is a great sales tactic, so pay attention to what is being said.

Avoid Being Scammed

As with any kind of product or service, there are those who would try to bilk folks out of their hard-earned money. Be careful to avoid deceitful contractors who do home improvement. They are recognizable by the tricks they use, such as door-to-door solicitation or only accepting cash for payment. If they request that the homeowner get the permits necessary for the project, don’t deal with them. If they apply pressure for an immediate decision, walk away.

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