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Home Inspection Industry Shows Promise of Growth

Following the improvement in the economy, this may be an ideal time to invest in a home inspection business.


Port Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- The home inspection industry’s success is dependent on the overall performance of the real estate industry. One soars with the flight of the other. That is why the ability of home inspection service businesses to cash in on profit is considered dependent on how people are doing well with their finances. Now that the economy is slowing recovering, it is expected that both industries will see significant improvements in the coming months.

For those who are considering diving in to this positive trend, one of the easier option is to get a home inspection franchise. While one can always opt to start from scratch, it may take a while to establish a business brand. In comparison, a franchise cuts the owner’s expense on advertising costs since this is already has a name recall. Furthermore, franchisees are given additional professional support from the franchise provider.

And the new business owners may be able to find help from the likes of Mplans, an online resource that provides free business marketing plans to small businesses. Its Marketing Pro Plan software has the ability to create a marketing plan for a home inspection service as seen from one of the samples shown in Mplans’ website. Marketing is essential for any business, small or big, in order to succeed and the home inspection industry is no different in this area. Mplans is making it easier for the future entrepreneur to create a marketing plan that works with its array of tools and articles.

The skeptics may not be convinced by previous statements mentioned but statistics on the other hand will not lie. The Calgary Real Estate Board statistics report says that the real estate sector recorded an outstanding performance comparing to that of last year. Prices increased by 9% on home properties from 2013 to 2014. The same trend was also observed in Quebec where the statistics released by the Greater Montréal Real Estate Board showed an increase of 1% in residential sales. Moreover, this too recorded an increase of 11% in property listings.

In Australia, a property inspection service provider claims that their business has indeed moving uphill. Mark Brandon, senior inspector at Safe and Sound Property Inspections, says that while this may be so, he can’t claim for the other home inspection businesses out there. He was quoted saying, “Although reports and stats may say that the whole sector is moving upward, we still consider that our own business is but a small part in that equation. We do take into account such reports, but we think you also need to strengthen your own business by providing the best service you can offer. I know for sure this is why we are still in here today despite the economy being shaky at times.”

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