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Home Insurance Inspections and Home Inspection Differences

Home insurance inspections vary from a regular home inspection since the latter is usually so that the homeowner knows the home is in sound condition. For example, homeowners would want to be sure that the house has no major structural flaws, such as defective wiring. A home insurance inspection, conversely, allows the insurance company to gauge the home's cost of repairs. That is also how the insurance company assesses risk to measure the probability that the homeowner may need to file a claim for damages and find out the amount of the premium.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/24/2020 -- Each inspection has its unique aspects, but the inspector will usually take a closer look at factors such as the age and quality of the structure, external risks, ventilation, flooring and wall surfaces, any anti-theft steps, and, the quality of the HVAC system, for example. With that in mind, homeowners may want to be prepared for the inspection, which includes inspecting the roof for loose shingles, removing leaves from gutters, overhanging trees, examining walls, siding, and doors for gaps or exposure to water, and even checking pipes for leaks.

With the utmost preparation, the less likely the chances are that a homeowner's insurance claim will be denied by the insurance company.

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