Home Life Shares Tips on Having Vibrant Winter Gardens


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2016 -- Website Home Life published a report on tips on keeping gardens ready this winter. The tips include aerating the lawns, planting new crops and more for the winter season.

There is a product in the market that can offer a way that gardeners can determine the levels of soil moisture. HealthyWiser introduces a plant soil meter that has functions for both plants and herbs.

"Have you been out into you garden recently? I don't mean the quick dash up the front path, but down the back? With the winter days being cold and grey and all the plants are looking a bit tattered and weather worn; it can be hard to muster enthusiasm for the garden," the website stated.

After the autumn, the Home Life suggested that raking off the leaves and picking up twigs are great winter gardening jobs.

"Rake leaves, bark and small twigs for mulch or to add to the compost heap. Sticks needs to be broken up or use them instead to light indoor winter fires, for a family barbecue or as plant support," the website added.

It is also great to plant more winter crops and vegetables in the garden. Home Life advised that the best crops include snow peas, English spinach, mini vegetables and more. Among these vegetables are lettuce and cabbages.

Great product for winter gardening

HealthyWiser's plant soil meter can help in winter gardening. The testing device is easy to use and requires no batteries to function. The soil meter is also noted for being compact and very portable for use even during the fall and winter. The plant soil meter is scientifically accurate.

The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee should customers find the product less in quality. This is to ensure that outstanding services are performed throughout. Purchase the meter today through Amazon and avail of great deals.

"I am impressed with this soil meter, over all it is a nice meter and for the cost it is of good quality," a customer stated in the review.

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