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Home Mitigation Inspection Could Change in Florida


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- It is no secret Florida is subject to violent winds and hurricanes, and hurricane season, with high winds, flooding and damage, comes every year. Florida home insurance companies are advised to be aware that they soon might find their jobs greatly impacted by new changes made to mitigation inspections. Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corporation has stated that they are re-examining their mitigation inspection program to try to make some much-needed improvements. One issue currently in the works is the possible removal of credits for homeowners if they do not have attic access to their roofs. Currently, the credits can be used for hurricane refurbishment and construction.

With the economy still on uncertain ground, many homeowners are delaying the investment in, or choosing to not invest in, windstorm insurance to protect their home. However, it is advised that homeowners not only get windstorm insurance coverage, but also have their home undergo a wind mitigation inspection prior to any traumatic weather event, to best understand how to prepare for potential damages. With proper preparation, the potential damage from wind can be mitigated.

State lawmakers first established the My Safe Florida Home program in 2006, designed to help Floridians safeguard their homes in the event of high-wind storms. The program includes free wind inspections and grant funds to people who own single-family, site-built homes to eligible homeowners.

A wind mitigation home inspection will allow the homeowner to find out of he or she qualifies for lower insurance rates and get discounts if the structure is found to be more resistant to high winds than average.

Local Florida mitigation inspectors will inspect a structure and determine the wind resistance features, check roof types, roof straps, shutters, elevations, glass structures and additional features. A detailed report will be generated and sent to a windstorm insurance company, which will calculate the structure’s hurricane wind resistance rating. The homeowner can use the report to find ways to improve the home’s wind resistance and can then apply for another inspection.

When there are policy changes at the insurer level, the public often does not notice any changes. It is best to work with an experienced Florida home insurance agent to ensure the safety and security of your home.

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