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Home Mortgage Introduces Brand New Guest Blogging Platform for Mortgage Brokers


Rancho Santa Fe, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- The website HomeMortgage.org is excited to announce the launch of the first guest blogging platform in the mortgage industry for real estate professionals and others in the home market. The new blog platform is the centerpiece of HomeMortgage.org, an open community for mortgage brokers, real estate professions and consumers to share and communicate news, information and perspectives on the home market.

The world of real estate is constantly changing due to market forces such as available housing stock, interest rates, zoning and even changing legislation. While home mortgage brokers and real estate professionals must work hard to stay abreast of these changes in order to serve their clients, homeowners are often just behind the curve when it comes to the basics let alone the changes. Now, the launch of the first guest blogging platform at HomeMortgage.org brings together consumers, real estate professionals, brokers and others in the housing industry.

“The goal of the new blogging platform is to create an ongoing dialog for education, sharing of perspectives and the latest news surrounding the housing industry to everyone’s benefit,” said Sarah, the blog moderator.

From the changes in requirements for getting a prime mortgage and learning the ins and outs of the pre application mortgage process to iPad Apps for the mortgage industry, the home mortgage blogging platform brings a wealth of perspectives and ideas for professionals and consumers alike. “Our recent post on first-time home buyer mortgage resources pulls together many sources of basics, great tips, guides and video for first-time homebuyers that are full of useful information,” said Sarah. “We try to keep them free of sales pitches so that consumers can begin building an informational database that helps educate them on the home buying and mortgage process.”

A great many posts provide additional information ranging from basic to advanced specifics on all types of loans, first and second mortgages as well as reverse mortgages. A special section for brokers (which is still in the beginning stages of development) will provide information for brokers. News is also a big part of the new platform where real estate professionals and consumers alike can learn about mortgage regulatory issues, changing interest rates and much more via looks at both national news and trends as well as regional and statewide news, changes and issues.

“The website platform is meant to be a constantly changing and growing resource and community,” said Sarah. “We’re encouraging real estate industry professionals and consumers to join the already growing community as writers and check back often for new info and dialog.” For more information, please visit http://homemortgage.org

About HomeMortgage.org
HomeMortgage.org is an open community for mortgage brokers and real estate professionals. The new website blogging platform helps blend the communication between brokers and consumers through social media, PR and education tools relevant to both sides of the spectrum. The Platform is open to new writers that are industry professionals as well as consumers. Professionals and consumers can find interesting blog articles on all aspects of the housing industry as well as national, regional and statewide news pertaining to the industry.