Home Office Conversion Contractor HK Construction Proves Viable Choice for San Diego Home Owners


Poway, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- A major concern is facing many home owners today, especially those desiring more home office space. The choice is whether to spend money on building new room additions or simply modifying existing rooms or areas to accommodate their business.

According to home office space transformation expert, Marc Gieselmann of HK Construction, it is not necessary take on the high expense of a room addition construction project, but rather a lower cost option of room modification into a space efficient home office.

"There are plenty of strong reasons why you should choose home office space conversion rather than build a completely new addition onto your residence," says the HK Construction spokesperson, who specializes in helping home owners enhances their budget, productivity, and style.

The basic cost a new room addition construction project, according to Gieselmann, is much higher than remodeling (room modification). Therefore, he asks home owners to be aware, for instance, that a new addition to an already existing home will create the need for higher energy costs.

In other words, the source is saying that when one's house becomes larger, it increases associated cost that could have been otherwise used to greater benefit. Associated cost means it would cost you more for repairs, maintenance, heating and cooling.

"Not to mention, you'll find that before you construct a new building or room addition to an existing building, you’ll need a building permit, something you might not be prepared to deal with," explains Gieselmann, who also claims that building regulations vary according to industry, profession, or specific locale and oftentimes represents a fair amount of confusion plus an additional unexpected project expense for the home owner.

So, what if the home owner was simply doing the renovation or upgrade for property resale value reasons? The HK Construction home office remodeling contractor points out that even so, the option to go the way of home office space conversion still ranks high on the list of things that will significantly improve the worth of one's home next to kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

The source further points to the fact that a home office space conversion can become even a bigger and more attractive business asset, particularly as it relates to the following:

- Additional business and personal tax advantages;
- Increases in residential resale value;
- Travel time and distance savings; and
- Flexible, Convenient working conditions.

HK Construction claims they can make your home office space transitions move smoothly through all zoning, licensing, permit, and related construction phases. They pride themselves in adhering to San Diego building codes and paying keen attention to details. This according to the spokesperson, along with their strong guarantee on their high quality workmanship, is what sets them apart from their competition.

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