Home Remedies May Be Useful for Calluses on Feet


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2016 -- Otherwise known as callosity, a callus is a toughened, thickened layer of skin that develops due to friction and pressure. There are ways to remove calluses such as going to salons. However, there are also home remedies for individuals who want to get rid of this foot problem right in their very own home.

Home remedies may be useful for calluses on feet. Calluses usually develop on feet, especially in areas such as the underside of the big toe and bottoms of the feet. In addition to friction and pressure, they could also develop from having dry skin.

Friction and pressure is usually caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes and high-heeled shoes. While calluses are normally not bothersome, experts recommend that sufferers should address the problem when it starts causing pain.

If left untreated, it could result in problems like tenderness, swelling, pain, and skin ulceration. Eliminating the source of friction is one of the best ways to resolve the problem.

There are also home remedies, and one is Epsom salt soak. To do this, the feet only need to be soaked in a hot water with Epsom salt for about 10 minutes.

Individuals who love using apple cider vinegar may also use this kitchen ingredient for calluses. Apple cider vinegar's acidic nature is believed to help soften the hard skin as well as speed up the healing process.

Baking soda can also be useful for calluses. Its crystals are thought to help exfoliate the thickened skin. The feet just need to be soaked in warm water with baking soda for about ten minutes once a day.

Individuals with a callus may also resort to the use of aspirin. This remedy is thought to help soften the hardened skin surrounding the callus. It also alleviates discomfort caused by the thickened skin layer. They only need to crush five or six aspirin tablets into powder form, and combine it with lemon juice and water.

The aspirin mixture should then be applied in the affected area. After the application, it should then be covered with a plastic bag.

There are many other home remedies for calluses and one is the electric callus remover. This product is believed to be helpful in safely removing calluses without having the sufferers to undergo time-consuming and painful process.

There are even those who prefer to use this product instead of going to salons, which exposes their risk of infection. One of the most popular electric callus removers is offered by Naressa and is available at amazon.com (http://amazon.com/Electric-Callus-Remover-Naressa-Electronic/dp/B015GJDW18).

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