Home Security Survey Finds Americans Do Not Trust Door-to-Door Salesmen conducted a survey to find out if Americans trust door-to-door home security salesman.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2014 -- Door-to-door salesmen have become a common practice for home security companies. Several of them send out thousands and thousands of salesmen each summer to sell their products and equipment.

It is easy to see why the home security companies like this business model. They send out salesmen that they don’t pay unless they make a sale. However, the consumer does not seem to like this approach. (BHSC) conducted a survey to find out just how Americans feel about the door-to-door home security salesmen.

The survey collected over 1,000 responses from homeowners around the nation. Consumers were asked whether or not they trust door-to-door home security salesmen.

“We see a lot of home security companies turning to this business practice as a way to sell their home security product,” Carlie McKeon, BHSC PR Director, said. “With so many companies selling door-to-door, we wanted to find out how the consumer felt about this method.”

A majority of responders, 43.3% to be exact, said they do not trust door-to-door home security salesmen because they are “too pushy.”

The second most common response, bringing in 31.1% of the vote, also said they do not trust door-to-door home security salesmen because they are “just trying to make quick money.”

“It was interesting to see just how home owners respond to the door-to-door salesmen approach,” McKeon stated. “The overwhelming majority said they do not trust them because the consumers’ needs are the main focus. Our survey shows that most Americans feel that home security door-to-door salesmen are more focused on landing the sale than actually protecting a family’s home.”

On the other side of the spectrum, 19.2% of consumers said that they do not necessarily trust or distrust a door-to-door approach; rather it depends on the actual salesman.

Lastly, only 6.4% of those consumers surveyed said they did trust door-to-door home security salesmen.

“Our purpose for conducting this survey was not to prove whether or not door-to-door home security salesmen are effective,” McKeon explained. “We are here to fight for the consumer, so we wanted to see if they trusted this type of business model. It looks like, for the most part, people don’t.”

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