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Home Security Systems Dallas Releases Important Information for Those Seeking Systems

Informational pages will make it easy for homeowners to determine which security systems will best serve them, reports Home Security Systems Dallas


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- Today, Home Security Systems Dallas announced the release of an informational page detailing the pros and cons of various security system technologies in order to make it easier for homeowners to choose the one best suited to their needs. The company hopes that by publishing this information, it can save consumers from making costly mistakes. This page can be found at http://homesecuritysystemsdallas.org/crime-prevention, and it details some of the most important factors to consider when selecting a security system.

"One of the most important things consumers need to look at is how the security system will communicate with the monitoring company and any authorities it is set up to contact," said Jim Buchanan of Home Security Systems Dallas. "Old-fashioned systems use wired connections, and even if those connections end with a wireless routing system, the wire still has to be intact in order for them to work. That makes it easy for criminals to defeat them - all it takes is snipping the phone line. Therefore, it's best to choose a system that is wireless all the way. Such systems use either cellular or wireless broadband internet to connect to the monitoring center, so there's nothing a crook can cut to disable them."

Another thing homeowners must keep in mind is exactly what they want a home security system to do for them. Even though most people refer to these systems as "burglar alarms," some versions can do much more. As noted at http://homesecuritysystemsdallas.org/home-security-monitoring-service, they can also serve as fire alarms and medical alert systems. For some people, one of these other features may actually be more important than the break-in alarm. Someone with a medical condition, for example, could easily be living in a place where it's more likely for him or her to need an ambulance than police.

"With today's systems, the word 'security' isn't just used in relation to crime prevention," Buchanan explained. "Personal security also includes protection against medical emergencies, fires, and other such threats. Of course, a modern system still protects against break-ins, and this is usually the chief attribute of an alarm system. For this reason, technicians will make sure that every window and door is monitored by the systems they install."

While most alarms are audible, one of the main benefits of a modern security system is the system's ability to automatically notify a monitoring service of suspicious activity, potential fires, and other such problems. When the service gets an alarm call in, it will then contact the house to get further information. Once the needed information is obtained, the proper authorities or public service agencies are informed and personnel will be dispatched. This double-barreled response does the most to deter thieves and ensure that the needed public service personnel will come to the scene.

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Home Security Systems Dallas is a home security service that offers systems for deterring and stopping break-ins. Its systems can also offer protection against fire, medical emergency, and other problems that can happen without warning.