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Home Security Website TotalHomeSecurity.com Adds a Wide Variety of New Information to the Site


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- TotalHomeSecurity.com, a website that is devoted to helping home owners learn all they can about home security, the latest equipment, and how to secure their home, has just added a wide variety of new and important information to its site. The new articles help explain the many facets of home security, and how people can be sure they are choosing the right security company for their home.

Although many home owners know the importance of having a home security system, determining which type they need has traditionally been a time-consuming and even confusing process involving multiple phone calls and visits to various websites. TotalHomeSecurity.com is a convenient one-stop shop for everything and anything related to home security. With the addition of the new articles, consumers can now learn even more about various home security system options, and read advice and tips on which types of products can be especially helpful and effective.

For example, while most people have heard about security cameras for the home, they may not be aware of how useful and effective this type of equipment can be.

“Security cameras can be set up both inside and outside of a home,” one of the recently-added articles on www.totalhomesecurity.com noted, adding that they can also be hooked up to a DVR so all footage can be recorded.

“In addition to this, they can be internet connected so you can view the cameras from any internet-ready device.”

Because an internet connected camera can be accessed from anywhere, homeowners can check on their property while they are at work or even on vacation. People can even use them to get a clear view of who is ringing their doorbell while they are at home, and parents often enjoy having a way to check in on their kids when they are not around.

People who are interested in learning more about home security and which systems and equipment might be best for them are welcome to visit TotalHomeSecurity.com at any time; there they can browse through the vast amount of information and articles. Handy category tabs like “Theft Prevention” and “Child Safety” are located at the top of the home page; these allow visitors to the site to quickly find the specific topic they are looking for.

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