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Home Study Course Helps Physicians Launch Cash-Based Medical Practice


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 --, an online resource for physicians looking to build on their income, is releasing “The Cash Pay Practice: A Complete Home Study Course with Interviews of Successful Physicians Who Have Successfully Built their Own Cash-Based Medical Practices.”

The online course, available at, aids physicians in transitioning to a cash-based, insurance-free medical practice.

"It goes without saying that medicine is going through a tumultuous time,” said Mike Woo-Ming, MD. “A majority of physicians are looking at different options for their medical practice. That is why we created the Cash Pay Practice."

Woo-Ming is the owner of IncomeMD, a website to help provide guidance for physicians looking to build extra income outside of their existing practice. A physician entrepreneur, he now consults regularly with doctors who are looking to gain better control of their career.

The course’s eight-CD set features such helpful information as:

- Getting started with a cash pay practice
- Marketing a cash pay practice on the internet
- Managing difficult the transition from insurance-based to insurance free practice
- Advice on being on the cutting-edge of medicine
- Cash-based practice location ideas
- Multiple methods of advantages of switching to a direct-pay model
- And much more.

Woo-Ming said that the course chooses to feature interviews with physicians who have already made the switch in order that they could show some insight on managing the transition.

"Unfortunately, much of the information on transitioning to a cash pay practice is scant,” he explained. “I wanted to go find the expert doctors who are out there that already have successful practices, and interview them on how they did it.”

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