New Website Helps Users Calculate Home Loans in Just Seconds- Rave Reviews as Site Helps Users Knock Down Their Monthly Mortgage Payments


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for fast and easy home loan quotes at the touch of a button, Home Loans Net is announcing the release of their new website which provides home loan quotes in as little as 10 seconds.

For many Australian homeowners, calculating their home loan typically comes at the hands of their loan provider. Unfortunately many people walk into negotiations without knowing how much they should be paying, and get roped into loans that don’t necessarily reflect their best interest.

This dilemma is shared by those who already own a home and feel they are paying too much for their mortgage. Naturally, they are always looking for cheaper rates, but a simple to use home loan calculator is not always easy to come by.

Answering this recent demand, Home loans Net is announcing the launch of their easy to use website that helps both current home owners and aspiring home owners calculate approximations of what they really should be paying in today’s market.

When a visitor comes to the website they are immediately met with a simple home loan repayment calculator that asks them 3 simple questions. Users enter how many years they want the loan for, the loan amount and rate, and within seconds the home loan calculator Australia comes up with a tangible number that can be used when negotiating new loan prices or seeking a loan for the first time.

“The home loan calculator can also help you to look at the differences between a fixed rate and a variable rate,” says the website. “By taking into account the changes in a variable rate, looking at the amount repaid during the term of the loan and the figure of the outstanding loan at the end of the loans time period.”

While the mortgage calculator Australia may not provide quotes for home loans that can be obtained directly from the website, they still give users a solid point to start from. Home owners understand that going blindly into a negotiation is the root cause of over-paying, so when they are armed with a tangible number to start with, the negotiations are that much more likely to end at a fair price.

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